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Local Fair in Landover Hills, MD

It all began in 1934; the firm's owner's grandfather started the legacy by promoting and managing events at the NY State Fair. To follow his grandfather, the owner of Amusement Promotions Inc., has operated for over four decades as your trusted source for unforgettable family fun events in Virginia and Maryland. Our mission is simple: to create joy-filled, memorable experiences that unite families and communities. We pride ourselves on our rich history of providing top-notch, professional entertainment services that suit all ages.

Your Experts in Promoting Extraordinary Family Fun Carnivals

At Amusement Promotions Inc., we know how to promote and manage an extraordinary family fun carnival that will captivate and entertain everyone in attendance. Our talented team of professionals are experts at orchestrating a wide range of fun-filled events and activities.


We take care of every detail, from selecting exciting rides, games, and attractions, to organizing top-notch musical performances and mouth-watering food stalls. Our experience and commitment to excellence ensure that every carnival we host leaves a lasting impression, creating cherished memories for families and strengthening community bonds.


Our expertise doesn't stop at lively carnivals; from fun-filled festivals to live bands and family fun events for everyone, we're here to get the ball rolling for any community event you envision. We work hand-in-hand with event planners and community coordinators looking to create a captivating event, ensuring every event we undertake is a resounding success.


Choose Amusement Promotions Inc., where experience blends with fun to create cherished family moments. Contact us today to get started.

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